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July 11, 2017

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Horizons Place, Tagaytay

Most of the Filipinos preferred Tagaytay City as a perfect place to live and invest because of the following reasons:

1. Cool Climate
Tagaytay City has a more moderate version of a tropical monsoon climate characterized by relatively milder temperatures compared to Manila, lower humidity and abundant rainfall. The city has an average temperature of 24 °C (75 °F). With its high elevation, the city could be misty at times and is relatively cooler during the months of December, January and February. Like most areas in the province of Cavite, the city has two pronounced seasons: dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year. The climate has made the city ideal for sports, picnics, conferences, honeymoons, country homes, and spiritual retreats.

2. Fresh Air
The southern and eastern portions of Tagaytay are covered by hills and mountains which is generally forests and open grasslands that is why fresh air is everywhere.

3. With Basic Agricultural Products
Despite rapid urbanization of Tagaytay, agriculture remains an important part of the city's economy and development.The main agricultural goods produced are pineapple, coffee, banana, root crops, other fruits and vegetables, and cut flowers which are supplied to both local and international markets.

4. Real Estate Properties
Developers chose to invest in Tagaytay because of increasing foreign and local buyers.

One of the strong and well financed developer is Bay Horizons Land and Homes Inc. One of their best project is the Horizons Place located in Brgy. Sungay East, Tagaytay City, 1- kilometer away from Picnic Grove.  It is a 4- hectares residential subdivision that offers a lot starting at 264 sqm. 

Main Entrance
Aerial View of the Clubhouse

Swimming Pool

Available Lots:

Horizons Place Map
Sample Computation:
Block and Lot: 2/2
Lot Area: 264 sqm.
Total Contract Price: 3,300,000
Reservation Fee: 50,000
Down payment for 12- months: 50,834
Amortization for Bank Financing:
15 years: 29,183
Miscellaneous Fee: 99,000

Blk 2 lot 2, 264 sqm, Located at the Right Side of the Clubhouse
Facing the Clubhouse
Blk 2 lot 6, 296 sqm, Located at the Right Side of the Clubhouse.
 Facing the Clubhouse

Block 2 Lot 4, 271 sqm. 
Located at the Right Side of the Clubhouse.
Facing the Clubhouse

Block 2 Lot 15, 301 sqm. 
Located at the Right Side of the Clubhouse.
Facing the Clubhouse

Block 3 Lot 2, 276 sqm
Near the Gate
Blk 3 Lots 12, 30 sqm., 14, 287 sqm., 15, 295 sqm., 16, 282 sqm., 17, 288 sqm., 18, 289 sqm.,19, 291 sqm.
Located at the Left Side of the Clubhouse.
Facing the Clubhouse.

Block 3 Lots 19, 291 sqm., 18, 289 sqm., 17, 288 sqm., 16, 282 sqm., 15, 295 sqm., 14, 287 sqm., 12 - 304 sqm.
Located on the Left Side of the Clubhouse.
Facing the Clubhouse.

You may watch short aerial video below:

Photo Credit: Erna Lou Llagas at www.facebook.com/chienrou.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagaytay and http://www.bayhorizons.com/communities/horizons-place.html.

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  1. Thank you for the additional information. I am planning to buy a property somewhere in Luzon. Actually, I am currently looking at Metro Manila condominiums for sale .However, I will also check the property that was mentioned in this article