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August 18, 2017

NOW AVAILABLE: RE-SALE RFO, Aitana- B near SM Southmall and CEU Las Piñas

Developer: Bay Horizons Land and Homes Inc.
Subdivision Name: Camella Homes Classic, Las Piñas City (near Pilar Village and SM Southmall)
Location: Wisdom St.
House Model: Aitana- B Block 18 Lot 13 (Re-sale RFO)
Lot Area: 140 sqm.
Floor Area: 96 sqm.
Sample Computation:
TCP 4,760,000
Reservation Fee: 40,000
Spot Down payment (20%) at 0% Interest: 912,000
Loanable Amount (80%) can be paid thru Bank or Inhouse Financing.
Bank Financing
15 years 42,094
20 years 38,018

House Features:
3- Bedrooms
1- Maids Room
3- Toilet and Bath
2- Car Garage
Granite Tiles at Ground Floor
Vinyl Tiles at 2nd Floor
Sliding Window
Granite Kitchen Counter Top

Swimming Pool
Children's Playground
Gated Subdivision
24 Hour Security with CCTV at the main gate

Accredited Bank: PNB Savings Bank

For more details, please leave your questions below.

August 15, 2017

Last Rialzo Unit, Single House, Ongoing Construction near SM Southmall

Developer: Reignwood Development Corporation (a sister company of Bay Horizons Land and Homes Inc.)
Subdivision Name: Camella Homes Classic, Las Piñas City (near Pilar Village and SM Southmall)
Location: Block 8 Lot 36, Galatian St.
House Model: Rialzo- A
Construction Status: Ongoing (can be finished for 2- months)
Lot Area: 136 sqm.
Floor Area: 109 sqm.

Sample Computation:
TCP 5,190,000
Reservation Fee: 50,000
Down payment (20%) at 0% Interest payable in 3- months: 329,333.33
Loanable Amount (80%) can be paid thru Bank or Inhouse Financing.
Bank Financing
15 years 45,897
20 years 41,453

House Features:
3- Bedrooms (Master Bedroom with Bath Tub)
1- Maids Room
2- Toilet and Bath
2- Car Garage
Granite Tiles at Ground Floor
Vinyl Tiles at 2nd Floor
Sliding Window
Granite Kitchen Counter Top

Swimming Pool
Children's Playground
Gated Subdivision
24- Hour Security with CCTV at the main gate

For more details, please leave your message below.

August 11, 2017

Blogger Recognition Award: Another Aemilia Mundi Success

I would like to give my sincere thank you to Marouane Vantout of PerfumeSets.us for nominating me for this wonderful award! This was so awesome!

Aemilia Mundi is derived from the following words:
Aemilia- a Latin version of Emily (my first name) means rival, laborious or eager.
Mundi- a Latin word of World.
So if you will combined it in English word, Aemilia Mundi means Emily's World.
It was started last June 2016 and fully launched last March 2017. Aemilia Mundi focus in the following topics, Lifestyle, Travel, Food and Real Estate.
The most controversial topic there is Real Estate, you will ask why It was included in my blog? The main reason is that, I'm working for seven years in Real Estate Industry and I think I have the full experience and knowledge to write and share my views about Real Estate.

My Advise to New Bloggers Like Me:
1. Love what you're doing.
2. Don't hesitate or afraid to ask for opinions.
3. Never sell your dignity.
4. Write only what is true.
5. Learn to connect with other bloggers.
6. If there's an activity with the clients, always arrive on time.
7. Just write and write, you'll never know there's someone who needed it.
8. Learn to advertise your blog.
9. Connect to many people.
10. Make your blog a readable environment.

15 Nominees for The Blogger Recognition Award:

Rules Of The Awards:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

Again "THANK YOU SO MUCH" Marouane Vantout for nominating me. ☺☺☺ It's your turn now. ☺xoxo

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August 10, 2017

Enchanted Kingdom: Special Treat in Celebration of Ninoy Aquino and National Heroes Day.

As we celebrate Ninoy Aquino and National Heroes Day this August, Enchanted Kingdom offer you this  AGILAhing Bayani Promo.
Get to ENJOY an enchanting day at the Park and EKsperience Agila with your loved ones for ONLY PHP720! Yes! 720 pesos only!

Promo is open to ALL walk-in guests.
This special promo rate may be availed at the Makati Sales Office, Front Gate Ticket Booths and Group Sales Office in Santa Rosa.
Promo tickets are not be valid for rebooking.
This promo is not valid in conjunction with other existing promo or with a Senior Citizen discount.
PROMO PERIOD: August 18 to 28, 2017
Per DTI Laguna Permit No. S-07-108, Series of 2017
For more information, please visit their official website at, http://www.enchantedkingdom.ph/promos/.

What are you waiting for? Spread the good news to your friends, family and love ones.

For more exciting promos, please visit our facebook page at, www.facebook.com/AemiliaMundi.

August 08, 2017

Top 15 Tips to Consider of Real Estate Agents on How to Make More Sales and Referrals.

I am working in Real Estate Industry for more than seven years and I handled Real Estate Brokers and Agents from North to South. I can say that I am very much aware on the attitudes and techniques on how they communicate with their prospect buyer during their site presentation, negotiation and closing. From my observation, I have finally came up to this tips.

1. Be very observant and keen to some important details given by your prospect buyer.
2. Ask immediately who's the principal buyer, where is he/she now and to whom are you talking with. In this situation you will know who are you going to deal with.
3. When you call the marketing staff of the developer, be sure that you know what you're asking for. Don't be very importunate. 
4. Always ready to have a copy of marketing collateral especially latest inventories because you never know when your client will call you. Marketing staff of the developer nowadays sent jpeg copy of their inventories, save it immediately in your mobile phone.
5. Don't make it a habit to change your mobile number and e-mail address, your previous buyer won't be able to contact you for their referral. You will lost a very great opportunity to have new closing.
6. Make friends with the marketing staff of the developer so that they will immediately recognize you when you call them.
7. Be polite when you ask questions with the marketing staff of the developer, remember, you are the one who needed information for your prospect client. Act professionally. Don't be so boastful.
8. Don't lose contact with your previous buyer. Sometimes call or text them, hello. If they have complains about their house, better to assure them that you're there to help them.
9. If you requested tripping vehicle from the developer, make sure that you tell them a day before your scheduled tripping. In this case, marketing staff will have enough time to arrange the schedule of their tripping vehicle.
10. If you're not familiar with the subdivision and you have scheduled tripping, visit the site one day before your scheduled date. Don't make yourself look empty- headed in front of your prospect buyer. You might get the highest chance to close the sale if you do that.
11. Learn to use Facebook messenger, Viber, Skype or any other internet communication tools. Remember, It's 2017 now and some of your client is working abroad.
12. Know and learn how to dress professionally when you have client meet up. Let your buyer think that you're equip of information so that they will trust you.
13. Attend seminars for your own growth. Don't be stuck with your current knowledge. Explore.
14. Be very friendly and patience when It comes to assisting your buyer. Remember, It is you who needed them most.
15. Know the latest buyer's promo so that you know what to offer. Remember, some of the buyers are looking for discounts and freebies.

I think I've listed the 15 most important things to consider of a Real Estate Agent. It's up to you on how to react. If you have comments, suggestions or violent reactions, feel free to leave your message below. I hope those things will help you to become a very reliable, friendly and professional Real Estate Agent. For more articles about real estate, please subscribe to us now or follow us on facebook, www.facebook.com/AemiliaMundi. Thank you and more sales to come! ☺☺☺ xoxo

August 01, 2017

Best French Diner and Wine House in Alabang

Got this chance to visit this place when I'm doing the research for best restaurant for company's recognition of sellers and brokers. Upon entering the place, you'll see lot of wines, juices and cheese. It's a mini- grocery of French products. As we're walking, we've noticed that there's a restaurant there. I love coffee and they have it! They also have pasta, salads and breads.

L'assiette de Saucisess
2- merguez or chipolata sausages served with oven baked potatoes in the pure French Tradition.

Crevettes et Vodka
Pasta in creamy tomato sauce with shrimps flambés in vodka.

The place was so cool, cozy and you'll love it! Music was so perfect. Good thing here is that when you can't fully drink your wine, you can leave it there for 1- week. They will keep it and you can come back to drink it again. Awesome! Also, I'm very particular with the comfort room and there you are, their CR was so clean, full of tissue, hand wash and even hand lotion. Cool! I told to myself that I will come back here the soonest. While we're leaving the place, a French guy told us, bye and thank you for coming. Their staff said that he's the owner. He's kind as well as his staff.

Next Visit
I had this chance to meet one of the co- owner of L'epicerie Gourmande. I'm right. He's a very kind, family oriented and nice guy. When you visit his wine house, he's very hands on to his clients. 

About L'epicerie Gourmande
*L'Epicerie Gourmande is a one-stop shop and restaurant that brings a fine taste of France to the Philippines through its most popular products, may it be jams, biscuits, snacks, condiments, pate, chocolates, peculiar cheeses , charcuterie and French wines.
*This French Diner and Wine House was open last March 2017.
*Open everyday from 8:00 am until 12:00 midnight
*Located at River Park, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City near Starbucks.
*You can contact them at (02) 8102570.
*Website at http://www.epicerie-gourmande.shop/.

You don't need to go to Paris, France to taste their food, they brought French taste here in South. Visit them today and I promise you will love the place, food and their service. 
For more food stories, please like us on facebook, www.facebook.com/AemiliaMundi.
Share your dining experience with us by simply leaving your comments below.
Thank you in advance. :-) xoxo